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Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat

A Residential Facility for Supervised Fasting

Dr. Cinque's Health Retreat provides a superb environment to undergo controlled fasting for weight loss and health improvement. The Retreat consists of a large comfortable home on 2/3 acre in the pristine oak woodlands 10 miles south of Austin, Texas. The area is quiet, serene, and picturesque. The climate and air are excellent, and there are miles of pleasant country roads for walking. Note that it is always quiet around here, which is important while fasting.

All of the rooms are large and airy and comfortable, with a full-size or queen-size bed. There are no tiny little cramped rooms here. If you are going to be fasting, you need a comfortable space to do it. Every room has a television and dvd player, and there is also a guest lounge with a larger television and lots of movies to help pass the time. Therapeutic massage and acupuncture are also available from licensed therapist Winnie Tan. Those who wish to lose weight and give their body a "physiological rest" at the same time can do it by fasting. And, it's not as hard as you might think. Don't worry: we don't let anyone suffer here.

Ralph Cinque specializes in conducting therapeutic fasting, which he has been doing professionally since 1976. He is one of the most experienced fasting practitioners in the world, having trained with Dr. Herbert Shelton in San Antonio, Texas, and Dr. Alec Burton in Sydney, Australia.

Fasting is a surprisingly easy way to achieve rapid weight loss, and it can benefit your general health. What makes it "easy" is that, once ketosis sets in, there is little or no desire for food. People could never fast for weeks at a time, as they do, if they were hungry all the time. Fasting is also an excellent way to overcome tobacco, alcohol, and other drug addictions. There is no better way to break a bad habit- to get a monkey off your back- than by fasting.

How long do people fast? 7 to 14 days is the average length of fasting that people do here, and the longest fast has been 28 days. My longest fast has also been 28 days.

Our food program, after you are finished fasting, consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, hearty legumes, and whole grains. These are the foods that offer the most promise for lifetime leanness and wellness. We offer a wide variety of whole natural plant foods, and we serve much of the food raw. The beauty of this all-plant diet is that it is healthy, delicious, and satisfying.

We provide organically grown fruits and vegetables as much as possible because they taste better and are more nutritious. Austin has become a center for organic foods, and we have access to the finest produce available year-round.

Ralph Cinque lives at the retreat and personally oversees each guest.

    Relaxing in the garden
Relaxing in the garden
Private Rooms
Private rooms
Breaking the fast
books and movies
Books and movies
Fig trees (they are now huge)
A guest relaxing

For telephone consultations and rates, goto the Rates page.

For comments or questions - call (512)295-4256 or e-mail DoctorCinque@hotmail.com

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